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International Fadjr Theater Festival – Iran – 2018


Winning the “Music Theater Now” competition in 2018

Nominated for Best Music on 36nd International Fadjr Theater Festival


And/or/Pro/mete is the latest production of Beyn Theater Group, in development, produced during the Contemporary human’s Tragedy project, is an adaptation of Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus. This work is prepared by looking at the method of mourning in city of Yazd during the month of Muharram.

Director: Mehdi Agahikeshe

Music Director: Navid Gohari

Performers: Sarah Akbari, Nahal Farjadi, Tahere Hazaveh, Mohammad Majd Taheri

Duration of the production: 40 min, without break

Year of the premiere: 2018 January 26